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Give Them Heaven!

Author: Presbyter
April 5, 2017

Training for Commissioned Lay Pastors Planned

Pastors provide support our smaller and/or specialized congregations and are a significant service to larger congregations.  Through their training, Lay Pastors are equipped to:


  • lead bible studies,
  • preach when needed
  • work with committees
  • provide training
  • support church programs


The Presbytery is very excited to be able to offer this program to those wishing to serve God in a more directed way.  And, it is just as easy for the Nevada Presbytery to provide training and support for a large group of students as a single student.  Please do not hesitate to contact Rob Schleff if you have questions.  And, remember to pray for all involved as we embark on this new program.

from Letter to Pastors (click to download)


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