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Our Chief End

to glorify God and to enjoy him forever

- Westminster Shorter Catechism


Website is Not Here!

Author: Christy Ramsey
April 14, 2017

Why do you seek the living among the dead?

This website went into the tomb Good Friday, 2017 and has not been updated since then.

The new site is at




Prayer for Easter

Author: Hilda Pecoraro
April 11, 2017

O Lord,
How amazing is your love,
A love that overcomes, endures and redeems.
How astounding is your life,
A life that sustains, heals and creates.
How awesome is your hope,
A hope that promises, restores and inspires.
How absorbing is your truth,
A truth that releases, changes and rebuilds.

How we worship you, as we remember the moment when your love conquered.
When out of the cave of sorrow Jesus arose to release forgiveness to the world.
And each time we encounter this resurrection day we are again lifted to an eternal place.
Our sin, brokenness and darkness fall away
and your light and peace flood our lives.
How we thank you for this incredible celebration we call Easter. Amen.

Prayer courtesy of
Used by permission

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Give Them Heaven!

Author: Presbyter
April 5, 2017

Training for Commissioned Lay Pastors Planned

Pastors provide support our smaller and/or specialized congregations and are a significant service to larger congregations.  Through their training, Lay Pastors are equipped to:


  • lead bible studies,
  • preach when needed
  • work with committees
  • provide training
  • support church programs


The Presbytery is very excited to be able to offer this program to those wishing to serve God in a more directed way.  And, it is just as easy for the Nevada Presbytery to provide training and support for a large group of students as a single student.  Please do not hesitate to contact Rob Schleff if you have questions.  And, remember to pray for all involved as we embark on this new program.

from Letter to Pastors (click to download)

April 1, 2017


Notes from
the Presbytery Pastor

Joys, concerns, events, and mission in Nevada Presbytery collected by our Presbytery Pastor, the Rev. Hilda Pecoraro. Click here, the link above or image at right to download printable PDF notes.


25th Anniversary Celebration

Author: Hilda Pecoraro
March 26, 2017

Mountain View Presbyterian Church 25th Anniversary

Congratulations to Mountain View Presbyterian Church on the 25th Anniversary of being chartered as a congregation of the Presbytery of Nevada!

On Sunday March 26 at both the traditional and contemporary services the sanctuary was filled with members and friends who gathered to celebrate this special milestone and to offer thanksgiving to God for his faithfulness through the years.  The Rev. David Dendy preached an inspiring and challenging sermon titled, “Dreams Within a Dream.”  He shared from his heart the dreams he has for the future of MVPC, within the larger dream Jesus gave the church in the Great Commission.  There was a wonderful spirit of joy and gratitude as former pastors, the Rev. Vernon Towne and the Rev. Bob Crall (Interim), along with long-time members Clerk of Session Elder Jeff Patterson and Andrew Patterson each shared testimonies of what the church has meant in their lives, along with remembrances of special moments and people. Presbytery Pastor the Rev. Hilda Pecoraro offered greetings and congratulations on behalf of all the churches in the Presbytery, as well as a prayer for the congregation.

Both services included glorious music with organ, chancel choir, handbell choir, violins and a lovely solo from 11-year-old Faith Dendy at the first service, and the gifted, spirit-filled praise team at the second service. Worshipers were warmly welcomed at the door with festive decorations, and gifts of commemorative coffee mugs or drinking glasses were given.  The Anniversary Committee prepared a lovely and gracious reception with an anniversary cake and delicious appetizers.  It was truly a celebration to remember!  May God continue to bless and use this wonderful, vibrant and faithful congregation for His honor and glory for many years to come!


One Great Hour of Sharing

Author: Presbyter
March 24, 2017

“Is this not the fast I choose?”

One Great Hour Of Sharing Helps Us Answer God’s Call

The Christian season of Lent is historically marked with fasting, a traditional practice of giving up food and devoting yourself to prayer.

But this isn’t the only type of fasting the Bible talks about. Isaiah 58 describes a new kind of fast, not to give up bread but to share it. Isaiah calls us to “loose the bonds of injustice,” to “let the oppressed go free,” to “share bread with the hungry” and to “invite the homeless poor into our homes.” We are called to offer help to those in need and restoration to those who have been broken down.

With our gifts to One Great Hour of Sharing  we join congregations all over the country seeking to answer God’s call and make a difference in the lives of many more people. As we respond through our sharing, Isaiah 58 also provides a promise. As we respond to injustice, feed those who are hungry, and provide places for those without homes, our “light will break forth,” and we shall be called “repairers of the breach, restorers of streets to live in.”

Please give generously to help sustain the important PC(USA) ministries and programs that are supported by One Great Hour of Sharing Offering. Make an offering at your congregation or by making an online gift  during Lent or at any time throughout the year. Checks may be sent care of Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) to P.O. Box 643700; Pittsburgh, PA 15264-3700.

Let us Pray: God, your call to us is both great and challenging. May the gifts we share bring justice and help to those in need, and may your light break forth in our lives and in the lives of those served through our shared ministry. Amen.

Click here for PCUSA One Great Hour of Sharing
Click here for One Great Hour of Sharing

Click here anytime to make an online gift to One Great Hour of Sharing




Board of Pension News

Author: Christy Ramsey
March 22, 2017

Pension News

The Board of Pension offers a newsletter, read and sign up by clicking the image.


Presbytery Highlights

Author: Hilda Pecoraro
March 8, 2017

A few of the highlights of our meeting in March 2017 by our Presbytery Pastor, Rev. Hilda Pecoraro:

Beautiful warm weather in Henderson, which was a relief to those coming from the snowbound north.  The host church, Henderson Presbyterian Church did an excellent job  with the providing of meals and snacks, organization of space and ensuring everyone’s comfort throughout the gathering.  Thank you to Pastor Lee Styer, Chairperson Elder Connie Knight and ALL the volunteers!

The First Korean Presbyterian Church of Las Vegas prepared and served lunch on Tuesday.  It was a bountiful and delicious Korean meal, which left everyone satisfied and grateful.  Thank you to Rev. In Cheol Lim and the members of FKPC!

Rev. Jim Houston-Hencken, (helmet) and Rev. Hutch Hutchison (fuzzy)

We had an entertaining and informative presentation of the proposed Amendments to the Book of Order from the Rev. Jim Houston-Hencken, representing a conservative viewpoint, and the Rev. Hutch Hutchison, representing a more progressive viewpoint.  Voting on the proposed Amendments was done by paper ballot.  The Presbytery of Nevada voted in favor of all proposed Amendments, with the largest split vote being on item 16-H, approving the new Directory for Worship.

The Presbytery celebrated the work accomplished by the Director of Finance, Elder Vernon Manke who has cleaned up the many funds we had accumulated over the years, and has created an ordered and understandable system for the handling of and reporting on Presbytery funds.

The Presbytery received a request from Community Presbyterian Church of Tonopah to dissolve the church, which is down to 4 members.  The Presbytery heard from Pastor Rob Schleef, CRE who has been pastoring this congregation for 16 years and also from Elder Ray Bledsoe, chair of the Administrative Commission charged with the tasks related to the dissolution.  The Presbytery granted the request of the congregation with regret and offered a prayer of thanksgiving for the church’s long ministry to the community of Tonopah and to the Presbytery of Nevada.

Moderator Scott Plummer, Community Presbyterian Church of Tonopah Pastor Rob Schleef, and Presbytery Pastor Hilda Pecoraro

The Presbytery made a $5,000 donation to Teen Challenge, a faith-based ministry to persons dealing with addictions.  The Las Vegas center houses 18 men and up to 12 interns who have completed the program.  We heard an inspiring testimony of the transformational work being done by Teen Challenge from the Director, David Davis.  (Note: There is also a Teen Challenge center in Sparks for boys ages 12-7, and one will soon be opening in Lund for girls ages 12-17 who are victims of trafficking.)

We received a report from Pastor John Staples of Amazing Grace, a ministry to the homeless in Las Vegas.  John thanked the Presbytery for its on-going support the last 17 years since the creation of Amazing Grace.  Weekly worship services, meals and distribution of clothing continue to bring comfort and hope to this often overlooked population.

We received a report from Zach Darrah, Director of FIRM (Fresno Interdenominational Refugee Ministry) which included a thanks to the Presbytery of Nevada for supporting FIRM for 23 years.

The Special Offering received at the worship service was designated for the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Youth Mission Trip to Baton Rouge, Louisiana this summer to assist victims of flooding.  The Offering was $1,341.00!

Rev. Bob Crall preaches before PresbyteryThe Presbytery worship service was led by host pastor the Rev. Lee Styer, along with the choir of Henderson Presbyterian Church.  The highlight of the service was a powerful sermon from the Rev. Bob Crall titled, “Christ the Same, Yesterday, Today, Forever.”


Pastor David Rhee, CRE was joyfully received to serve Westminster Presbyterian Church

Pastor David Rhee, CRE was joyfully received as a member of the Presbytery of Nevada.  Pastor Rhee was commissioned on January 1, 2017 to serve as pastor of Westminster Presbyterian Church.  Let us pray for David and for the wonderful congregation of Westminster.

Bob Kelley, Joan Jeffers, Jeanie Shaw, John Harbison, Joanie Tankersley, Bill Tankersley

Rev. Jeanie Shaw was given permission to labor within the bounds of the Presbytery of Nevada as she serves as part-time Interim Pastor for the Truckee Lutheran/Presbyterian Church.  Rev. Shaw continues as a member of the Presbytery of Sacramento where she is also pastor of a new church plant.  She brings national experience working with the Presbyterian Disaster Assistance Program and coaching new church developers.  We praise God for bringing Jeanie to TLPC and ask God’s blessing on her and the congregation.

Rev. Bill Stryker, Honorably Retired

The Presbytery approved a motion from the Equipping Committee to extend the Fall meeting of the Presbytery by 3 hours so that Equipping can plan a program that will provide for spiritual enrichment, strengthening relationships, building community and reflecting on important issues facing the church.

It was a joy to welcome two additional pastors to the Presbytery!  The Rev. Ken Eimer – member at large, and the Rev. Bill Stryker, Honorably Retired.  Both Ken and Bill bring years of ministry experience, skill and commitment to Christ and his church.  We are very blessed to have them as members of the Presbytery of Nevada!

Rev. Ken Eimer – member at large (in white)

Presbytery voted to approve the revised and updated By-laws, Standing Rules and Policies, with sincere thanks to Stated Clerk Joan Jeffers for all her time and effort on this huge project.

Rev. Adrian Doll’s call as Pastor of Green Valley Presbyterian Church was approved and he was enthusiastically received as a member of the Presbytery of Nevada.  Rev. Doll’s Service of Installation will be on Sunday, April 23 at 10:00 a.m.  All are welcome!  Let us keep Adrian, his family and the Green Valley congregation in our prayers.


Rev. Adrian Doll approved as Pastor of Green Valley Presbyterian Church

SAVE THE DATE:  Fall Presbytery of Nevada Meeting: September 11-13, 2017 at beautiful Zephyr Point Presbyterian Conference Center on the shores of Lake Tahoe where “the fabric is thin between heaven and earth!”


Amendment Commentary

Author: Christy Ramsey
March 3, 2017

Two perspectives on this year’s proposed amendments to the PCUSA constitution.

At the request of the Equipping Committee, Two of our minister members (what do we call them? Read on!) have provided some commentary and context to the amendments. Thanks to Jim Houston-Hencken and Richard “Hutch” Hutchison for their work!

Click to get the pdf here!




Alaska for the Summer

Author: Christy Ramsey
March 2, 2017

Ketchikan, Alaska

Looking for ADVENTURE, BEAUTY, HIKING, FISHING along with a GOD-CHALLENGE? Then we have just the perfect opportunity for you.  The Ketchikan Presbyterian Church, a small, friendly, eager-to-embrace-the-future congregation, is seeking a summer pulpit supply in exchange for housing and a small stipend.

The Ketchikan Church, located on the southern tip of the S.E. Alaska panhandle, is the perfect place for you to catch your fill of salmon and halibut and hike your feet happy all while lightly ministering to a diverse, seasoned congregation. We’re eager to explore God’s word for today with you.

Steve Kinney, Clerk of Session
Ketchikan Presbyterian Church

Click to download printable PDF copy with contact info